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Our Commitment to Excellence

At PaperTech, we believe that the sale is just the beginning of a long-standing relationship. Our commitment to your success is reflected in our exceptional after-sales support and technical services. We ensure that your machinery operates at its best, providing uninterrupted service with a focus on efficiency and reliability.

Uninterrupted Operations for Your Business

We understand that continuous operation is vital to your company's success. Our team is dedicated to maintaining your machinery's peak performance with prompt and accessible technical support, aimed at minimizing any downtime. A well-stocked inventory of spare parts stands ready, guaranteeing the continuous functionality of your equipment.

Advanced Technical Support Services

Our technical support extends beyond the standard—here’s what we offer:
  • Immediate Telephone Assistance 24/7

    Over 40% of issues are resolved during the first contact, reflecting our commitment to rapid response and effective problem-solving.

  • Preliminary Diagnosis

    A thorough initial assessment to accurately identify faults or malfunctions, ensuring targeted and efficient service.

  • Expert Restoration

    Leveraging the technical expertise of our team and the availability of essential spare parts from our warehouse for timely machinery repair.

  • Maintenance

    Our scheduled maintenance services, including an annual service plan, consist of preventive checks and necessary interventions, both routine and complex.

  • Relocation Services

    Specialized in machinery lifting, transporting with appropriate vehicles, and ensuring safe transit with necessary disassembling and reassembling processes.

  • Installation and Calibration

    Secure machine installation, precise leveling, and comprehensive functional checks to guarantee optimal performance from the start.

Total Coverage in Service & Support

Our technical support extends beyond the standard—here’s what we offer:

Pre-Sale Consultation

Our extensive experience and knowledge enable us to advise customers on selecting the right machinery for their specific projects, guaranteeing a perfect match at the right price.

Pre-Sale Assistance

We offer ongoing support after machine delivery, including the provision of spare parts and consumables, to extend the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment.

Global Support Network

You're invited to reach out to us with any requests or questions. Our skilled personnel, along with our global network and partners, are equipped to find solutions and provide answers.

Service Structure: Your Global Partner in Production

We stand by our duty to assist and support producers and converters worldwide. Whether you're facing operational challenges, seeking expert advice, or in need of a reliable source for machinery and parts, PaperTech is your dedicated partner. Our ability to provide complete answers and solutions is a testament to our global expertise.

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