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Discover premium refurbished and new machinery for flexible packaging, paper, and film. With PaperTech, you get 30+ years of trusted experience, tailor-made services, and solid support, wherever you are in the world. Elevate your production line with PaperTech machines to ensure your business's steady growth and highest performance

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Our 30+ years of expertise in the industry translates into personalized service and support for your machinery. Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or expert consultations, our global team is dedicated to ensuring your equipment runs at optimal performance. Enjoy the assurance of PaperTech's reliable and responsive services, tailored just for you.

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Engineering with
Advanced CNC Solutions

With PaperTech's CNC manufacturing services, we bring decades of design, prototyping, and production expertise right to your needs. Our expertise in CNC Machining, combined with advanced techniques in laser cutting for sheets and pipes, 3D printing, and both industrial and precision welding, ensures we can meet any manufacturing challenge. With PaperTech, partner with a team ready for any production phase, ensuring unmatched precision, quality, and innovation

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Full Range of Services for Your Needs

We're here to help your business grow. Need a machine? We sell the best ones in the flexible converting industry / for making bags and packaging, and we can fix used ones to be as good as new ones.

If you're setting up a business or need to upgrade, our solution experts will guide you every step of the way. Our tailored services include dismantling machinery by our specialized team, precise installation and re-installation, loading with local support staff, make mechanical and electrical custom parts, and update old equipment with new technologies. We also offer comprehensive start-up and training to ensure your operators master the machinery used. Plus, with a full inventory of spare parts, Papertech is your one-stop for success in setting up or upgrading your business operations.

Why Choose Papertech?

We craft the best solutions for your company

For over 30 years, PaperTech has been at the forefront, supplying top-quality machinery and services to the flexible packaging, paper, and label industries

Our commitment to meeting client needs has earned us a international clientele and a reputation for quality. We source mainly from Europe's esteemed market, guaranteeing the condition and caliber of our machines, many of which we hold exclusive rights to sell. Our mission extends beyond sales - we strive to build lasting relationships, supported by a team with expertise enhance every customer interaction.

30+ Years of Industry Experience
Global Reach, Local Service
Tailor-Made Solutions
Quality and Reliability
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Our Spare Parts

Explore our catalog of machines for every production need – quality assured, performance ready.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to the most common questions

  • What types of machinery does PaperTech offer?

    PaperTech specializes in a wide range of machinery for various industries, including flexible packaging, paper production, and film manufacturing. Our catalog features both new and premium refurbished machines tailored to meet your production needs.

  • Can PaperTech assist with machinery setup and installation?

    Yes, PaperTech provides setup and installation services. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire installation process, ensuring your machinery is up and running with optimal performance.

  • Does PaperTech offer technical support for its machinery?

    Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering premium after-sales support, including technical assistance, maintenance, and training to ensure your machinery operates efficiently.

  • How can I find the right machine for my production requirements?

    Our experienced consultants are here to help. By understanding your specific production goals and requirements, we can recommend the most suitable machinery from our extensive catalog.

  • Can PaperTech help if I want to sell my existing machinery?

    Certainly. PaperTech offers valuation services and can assist in selling your current machines. We provide fair market assessments to ensure you get the best value for your equipment


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